Meet Fannie Dillingham Founder of Create Your World

Meet Fannie Dillingham Founder of Create Your World

Fannie Dillingham, founder of Create Your World, LLC is the creator of the popular online fitness program CYW 30 Day Shred, a personal and group fitness trainer, personal and meal prep chef, and creator of CYW Infused/Detox Waters.

In 2008 she weighed over 250 pounds. After many trials and errors, fad diets and diets pills, she realized nothing was sustainable because she had not developed respect for healthy food, exercise and more importantly herself.  

After many attempts, her lightbulb came on, “turn yourself into a project plan like you do for work”, and the rest is history.  She started consistently meal prepping and exercising and the weight started falling off. People started asking her to train them and she did for free. Her passion grew for helping people improve their health and so Create Your World, LLC was born.

Research and implementation of healthy food helped her reverse irritable bowel syndrome, change the diagnosis to remove her gall bladder, stop chronic migraines and has reduced her son’s asthma flare ups. She’s helped many people drop significant amounts of weight and reverse illnesses such as high blood pressure, diabetes and arthritis. 

Fannie's love for healthy eating incited her to create the popular health drink, #CYWInfusedWater which has helped an abundance of people lose weight, reverse many health conditions, improve skin,  rid inflammation, improve digestion and many other benefits. 

teaching and educating the masses on the importance of healthy eating and exercise while making the resources and implementation of healthy living accessible and achievable is the foundation of create your world, llc.

fannie's goals are to open grocery stores, healthy restaurants, recreational centers and warehouses to create healthy food options, jobs and improve the lives of people around the world.
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